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Welcome to The Code Net

This site focuses on VB, VBA and Win32 API programming. Hopefully more web programming based content will also get added in the future.

There are tutorials, how-to's, code snippets and samples to download - all of which are orginal content. We also have useful tools to download and many links to sites we have found useful.

The site is arranged into 3 main categories VB, MS Office and Web and then split again where appropriate into sub categories to enable easy navigation. Don't miss the downloads page where several useful addins and coding examples are available.

For custom applications or websites see the services we can provide on the Consulting page. Our team of experienced coders, who are all highly regarded contributors to programming help forums throughout the world, can provide you with the custom code you need.

The site is a continuous work in progress and new content will hopefully be regularly added (6/7/08 - At least that was the plan!) Check out the latest news item to the right for information on the latest items added. If there is something you would specifically like to see covered on the site email Hope you find something of interest!

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